Community rules

These Community Guidelines govern your use of the Primetime Union Services. If you violate these Rules, we may take action against you or your Account, including immediate termination.

1. Crushing club

If your club consistently finishes with a positive win ratio, we will ask you to balance out. If you refuse to balance out then you may be removed from the Union, or be penalized with increased Union Fees/Win tax. Max acceptable ratio is 1:1.

2. Stop loss feature

PPPoker has a stop loss feature to protect the union. The feature is setup to automatically suspend a club when they surpass the designated loss limit. The loss limit is set at what your security deposit is. The loss limit can be increased for the current week by presettling or permanently by increasing your security deposit.

3. Settle ups

Weekly settle ups must be completed according to the union payment charter:

  • Losing clubs must settle their balance by the end of Wednesday in the Union’s time zone.
  • Winning clubs are paid by the end of Wednesday. Losing clubs that fail to settle on time will be fined and suspended until the full settlement is completed.

4. Crypto bonus

All crypto movements have 3% vig either when you send or receive. Example: If you send 1000 USDT we will count it as $1030. If you want to receive $1030, we will send you 1000 USDT.

5. Late fee

3% late fee will be imposed if you fail to settle your negative club balance before the end of Wednesday.

6. Cheating

Including Botting, Colluding, Jackpot Hunters, EV chop hunters. Any club whose player/agent is caught cheating will have their funds and earnings seized and forfeited. A fine equal to the amount of destroy caused by the cheater will be imposed to the club.

We strongly advice not to pay any agents or players, whose correctness you cannot personally guarantee, before the end of Wednesday. Security checks of all players and clubs within the Union are conducted until the end of Wednesday of the following week, therefore the Union keeps its right to impose fines until then.

7. Union fees

8% fee is mandatory to all clubs within the Union.

8. Additional Costs

All clubs, including union heads, share accounting fees, table manager salary, diamonds for tables and MTT overlays. Those fees are a calculated cost to each club based on their individual club’s rake versus the total union’s rake.

Example: If your club rakes $1,000 and the union rakes $100,000, then you only pay 1 percent of those fees. Tax/Rebate can be either negative or positive. It is -10% of your club’s winnings and rake from cash tables and -4% of your club’s winnings and rake from MTT games.

Example: If your players won $5,000 and raked $1,000 from cash games, the rebate will be negative $600 and vice versa.

9. Union coverage

Union heads cover EV chop, Jackpot, PT freerolls, PT freebuys, and spin ups.

10. Security deposit

$5,000 minimum. This can always be negotiable because of the stop loss feature.

If after 2 weeks from entering the Union, the security deposit is lower than the minimum the Union will start building it until it reaches the minimum by taking either 5% or 10% of your rake.

11. No poaching

Recruiting or stealing players within the Union is not allowed. Whether You, your managers or your agents are caught poaching, a fine of $500 will be imposed to the club.

12. Tables

Security deposit amount will determine the blinds your club will be allowed to play:

  • $1,000 – $4,990 – anything under 2/4.
  • $5,000 – $6,900 – will allow you to play up to 3/6.
  • $7,000 – $7,900 – will let you play 5/10.
  • $8,000 – $9,900 – will let you play up to 10/20.
  • $10,000+ – will let you play 25/50.

13. Primetime Security

The Union has a security team, active 24/7, in order to guarantee fair play and to ensure immediate action is taken if a rule breaker is seen on a table.

The security checks of the current week are made until Wednesday of the following week.

14. Customer Support

The Union’s Customer Support team is active 24/7 and ensures that a warning to the club is issued whenever they start nearing the limit or losing rapidly. You can always request any kind of help or information from that team.

15. Table Support

The Union’s Table Support team is active 24/7 and ensures that a table requested by any club is immediately made. You can always request a private MTT from the team but you will need to cover the GTD.

16. Addresses

The Union covers most addresses such as: CashApp, Zelle, Venmo, ApplePay,

PayPal, most major Crypto currencies and Skrill. If you need an address different from the ones above – you can always ask the Customer Support team about it.


1) Presettlement & Security Deposit:

  • Presettlement: Funds sent during the week. The stop loss limit is increased in a 1:1 ratio with the Presettlement amount. Presettlements sent are deducted from the outstanding balance (or added if positive) in the weekly settlement shared with clubs every Monday.
  • Security Deposit: Kept by the Union and only returned upon the club leaving the Union. It cannot be used to settle outstanding negative balances with the exception when the club is leaving. The initial weekly stop loss limit (reset every Monday 00:00 Union time) is equal to the security deposit. Therefore increasing the security deposit will allow you to start all weeks with a greater limit.

2) What happens when you are warned that your club is nearing the stop loss limit?

We have 24/7 customer support team that ensures warnings to clubs are issued whenever they start nearing their limit. Following the warning you can either send a Presettlement or leave things as they are and risk club suspension. If the stop loss limit is reached the club is automatically suspended.