How to join Primetime Union

Once you have created your own poker club, the next step is to join a poker union. On PPPoker you will find a good variety of poker unions, which accommodate different clubs, sharing traffic and games.

Knowing how to join a poker union is easy, but choosing a poker union with high traffic, great games and tournaments and, above all, that ensures the safety of its players, is not so simple.

Primetime Union has years of experience in the poker industry. Considered as one of the safest and most reliable unions, Primetime Union does not stop growing. How to join Primetime Union is as easy as following the steps described below:

Step 1

From the PPPoker app lobby, access your club. Once inside, click on the “Union” option at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2

After clicking on “Union” a new window will open with two options: “Join” or “Create”. To join Primetime Union, click on “Join”.

Remember that in order to join a poker union, your club must have at least two stars. If you need more information about how to get stars for your club on PPPoker, click here.

Would you like to take a leap in your career? If you are a poker agent with your own portfolio of players and you want to offer them the best conditions, Primetime Union is what you are looking for.

Contact us through the contact form you will find below this page and we will explain you everything you need to know to join Primetime Union.

As a player, joining Primetime Union is very simple. You will just have to join one of the clubs that make up our union, which share traffic with each other, as well as games and tournaments.

One of these clubs is Time2Win, one of the best clubs hosted on the PPPoker app. What can you find in the Time2Win club? Constant traffic, variety of games (NLH, PLO, PLO5, OFC and MTT) and a safe environment to enjoy online poker.

To join Time2Win, all you have to do is enter your club ID and wait for confirmation from the administrators. Click on “Join a club” and enter the following ID: 1021396.

Why join Primetime Union

Joining a poker union has significant advantages. But, just as in the case of poker clubs, not all unions offer the same benefits.

At Primetime Union, we make the difference by outperforming other unions in terms of traffic and game and tournament offerings. So, whatever time of the day you want to play online poker, you can do it by joining a club that is part of our union or by creating your own and joining Primetime Union.

Our years of experience endorse Primetime Union as one of the most reliable and secure. We care about the security of our union members, which is why we pioneered the development of security deposits. Above all, we are committed to transparency and security in the deposit and withdrawal processes.


Primetime Union is a union in constant growth, where you will find tables available 24 hours a day. If you want to join a safe, reliable, transparent and innovative union, nurtured by a high traffic and a varied offer of tables, both cash and tournaments, Primetime Union is your best option.

Want to know how to join Primetime Union? Contact us!

Write us through our contact form and tell us how we can help you. We will explain everything you need to know to bring your club to the best PPPoker Union: Primetime Union.

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