How to start a club on PPPoker

In addition to accessing the tables with the most popular poker variants, one of the options you will find in the PPPoker app is to create your own poker club and become an administrator.

If you want to know how to set up a club on PPPoker you are in the right place. Follow the steps described below and find out how to become the owner of your personal poker club.

How to create your own PPPoker club

Step 1

Download the PPPoker app through the secure download links below.

Step 2

Register or login if you have already created a user account. You can also log in as a guest.

In the main lobby, you will find the option to “Join”, to be part of the best PPPoker clubs, or “Create” if you want to be the administrator of your own club.

Step 3

Click on “Create” and edit the name of your club to customize it. You can include a short text in Club Notice to define your requirements or characteristics of your club.

Step 4

Congratulations! You have now created your own poker club on PPPoker. The next step is to invite the people you want to share your games and tournaments with. To do this, click on the “Member” option at the bottom and enter the ID of the player you want to send the invitation to.

Remember to join your club to the best PPPoker Union: Primetime Union

Remember that if your club gets two or more stars, you can take a leap as an administrator: join your club to a poker union. Joining a poker union like Primetime has great advantages. If you are thinking about joining your club to Primetime, remember this information offered by PPPoker::

  • Only clubs with two stars or more can create or join a union.
  • After creating or joining a Union, the remaining PPChips in your club will still be available for use in that particular Union. However, the PPChips held by agents and players will be subtracted, and will only be inserted when your club is no longer part of the Union.
  • After creating or joining a Union, the total number of players’ hands and quota will be reset.
  • After withdrawing from the Union, the original Club data, when the Club has not yet joined the Union, will be restored. Joining the Union again will reinstate the Union data.
  • PP Tokens exchanged in the Union will not be available for use in the original Club after withdrawal from the Union.
  • Tentatively, a Club can only join one Union. A Union allows a maximum of 20 clubs to share tables and players.
  • Diamonds must be used to create the Union tables.